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Skin Care Organic / Serum Organic / Cream Organic

Your skin shows the world your beauty and let your inner light shine through. Yet, it also protects you from the germs and bacteria that can damage your health.That’s why we believe that you should feel confident that everything you put on your skin is purely natural, purely organic, and purely effective. It’s also why we search out and combine Certified Organic ingredients to blend the best of Eastern and Western traditions.We offer only the best from Thailand and around the world to deliver powerful results, leaving your skin healthy, radiant and youthful.

Skin Care Organic / Serum Organic / Cream Organic


Enjoy our Best Organic Products loved by thousands of our users!

Why Choose Us?

Certified Organic products by ACT C&H (Organic Agriculture Certification Thailand -Cosmetics & Healthcare)

Certified Organic ingredients by ECOCERT & USDA

High Potents of Thailand’s Natural plants & herbs

Support Local Thai Farming Communities

Highly Effective, yet absolutely Safe & Healthy

Zero questionable ingredients & harmful chemicals

100% Vegan & Cruelty Free

Zero Compromise on Standards & Qualities

  • Product Standards & Certifications
    1. Certified Organic Product by ACT C&H
    2. Certified Organic Ingredients, ECOCERT & USDA
    3. Dermatologically Tested by DermScan Asia
    4. FDA approved from United States of America
    5. Registered by Thai FDA
    6. 99.9% Anti-Bacterial Tested by Mahidol University
  • Manufacturer Standards
    1. GMP Quality
    2. Halal Standard
    3. ECOCERT Certified Manufacturing
    4. HACCP Certified
    5. Green Industry
    6. ISO 9001:2015
    7. Codex GMP Certified

Certified Organic

Orchid & Me Organics is dedicated to creating only clean skincare that is healthy for your body inside and out. That’s why every product
is formulated to be toxin and cruelty-free, using only highly-active Natural & Certified Organic ingredients.

Customer Review

“I do have a very dry and sensitive skin, have tried so many luxury skincare products in the market but never finished any of them. But with this Orchid & Me Organic Face Serum gave me a good result without any allergies. My skin became more clear and balance. The scent is truly fresh and aromatic. I use it everyday and this worth every penny!”

Pimm Ponpicha (ANA Flight Attendant)

Customer Review

“Thai Organic brand which never disappointed me, i use every products of Orchid & Me Organics because i trust in the quality and selection of the ingredients. Bath Gel & Body Lotion smell heavenly and does a good job on my skin. Face Serum is a perfect partner for my super sensitive skin and also improve my skin texture to be more smooth and soft. Honey Lemon Shampoo is great for my dry and itchy scalp. My hair also feel so soft as silk after using it.

Ray Pinpinat (Business Owner “Mariam Bijoux”)

Customer Review

“I used to apply Orchid & Me Lotion on my tummy when i was pregnant and there were no cracked skin or stretchmark at all. Plus it’s totally safe for the pregnancy skin. Then i tried Dare to bare Face Serum and so in love! With the clean and healthy formula make my skin feel alive, fresh, bright and soft. I bought it for my mom too and she loves it.”

Nan Supalak (Stationary Store Owner)

Customer Review

“Impressive! The scent of aromatic lavender brought me “calmness” throughout my body and of course my SOUL. 77% alcohol not only ensures me perfect disinfection, but I could also trust safely because of ECOCERT certified. Hands and nails were instantly moisturized and hydrated after applying the sanitizer”

Kan (Environmentalist)

Customer Review

“This moisturizing hand sanitizer gel has become a must-have item in my handbag! It came with a handy size with such a perfect gel texture. The specialty blend of aromatic orange and lemon peel oil brought me energy and liveliness. I was so surprised that it never left my skin dry, yet helped restore moisture to hands and nails. In terms of cleanliness and safety could also be trusted because of 77% alcohol and certified organic ingredients by ECOCERT, respectively”

Juae (Oman Air Flight Attendant)

Customer Review

“With Orchid and Me, this is the first time that I feel good while using handgel. Never again do I feel my hands clean but yet tingling from dryness. Now I know my hands are clean and feel natural. The mildly sweet scent also adds a nice touch. Love it!”

Dr.Ekkasit Tiamkaew (Digital Marketing Consultant, Digitide.Co)

Customer Review

“I’m a huge fan of this brand and won’t switch to any other brand! All of their products are high quality and reasonable price. Most importantly is.. you can see the result within just few times usage. Yes, its Organic and super gentle yet highly effective! Face Serum, Shampoo and Soap bars are what i can’t live without in my life.”

Eve Sasipan (Bussiness Owner)

Customer Review

“After trying 3 body lotions, i’m hooked! My favorite is Honey Dream, smells like a real honey. The texture is quite thick but easily to absorb, leaving my skin moisturized all day without greasy feeling. Face Serum is the real organic with plenty of plants extract, i love the herbal scent and the hydrating feeling after apply on my face. It helps to dry out my acne inflammation and fading the acne scars”

Foam Kanokpond (Business Owner)

Customer Review

“Face Serum is the best! I have an acne prone oily skin and allergic to most skincare in drugstores, and this organic serum from orchid & me saved my life. I was so surprised, all the redness and itchy and pimple are all gone in just 1 bottle. Actually you can feel the difference in just first week. Honey Lemon Shampoo smells sooo good. I wanna eat it while washing my hair ^-^ and it leaves my hair and scalp feel so clean and smooth.”

Ween Siripan (Flight Attendant of Middle East Airline)

Customer Review

“I’m the one who ride the motorbike 8 km. everyday and my friends always ask why my face is still bright and glow which i’m supposed to get darker under the sun. And i have oily skin which makes me hate to apply skincare due to heavy and greasy feeling. But Orchid & Me Serum balances my sebum and leave my skin fresh and bright all day. All the Cold press Soap bars are great too, my favorite are Coffee Bean & Cocoa Scrub Soap and Rosy Red Wood Soap. They help to brighten up my skin without taking my skin barrier away. They smell so delicious too.”

Fern Thanit (English Teacher)